Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crazy Days of Summer

We survived another busy week/weekend.
  • Livvy turned 3 months old - can you believe it! Every morning I hold her and think, this is the smallest she will be today, tomorrow she will be a little bigger.
  • We got to visit with old friends. It continues to amaze me that friendships that I created 15+ years ago at camp still continue to grow. That we can go incredible lengths of time between visits but after 5 minutes of catching up it's as if we were never apart. Except now we have a kid, or two, or three in tow!
  • Jayce and I got to go on a real date. We ate/gorged on delicious Italian food, talked to each other in complete sentences, and watched a movie in its entirety. Thank you Grandma & Pap for watching the kids overnight.
  • We celebrated Gav's best friend Dominic's 4th Birthday - they are growing up too fast
  • We entertained overnight guests
  • The high point of my weekend was celebrating Olivia's baptism and spending the day with family. She was so precious!
I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that this summer is just flying by. I started a family calendar on our refrigerator. As I began filling in the little blocks, I realized all of our weekends, I repeat ALL, but one of our weekends are filled until Labor Day. How is that possible? And I thought that once Livvy was born we would never have a family social life. At that time I would become overwhelmed with just the thought of getting everyone packed up and ready for an outing, now it just feels like second nature.

Small highlights from this week:
  • Watching Riv's face light up as he watched Weezer's "Represent" video for the first time. Soccer balls, need I say more.
  • Getting random hugs and kisses from Gav accompanied by the words, "I love you, mom" because one day he will think he is too old to do this anymore.
  • Taking some quiet moments to sit with Livvy and watch her eyes gleam as she smiles and tries to work herself up to a little coo.

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