Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Wow, where has the time gone? I am back and committed to write an update about once a month. A lot has been happening in the Tost Household since last August, but that is for another time. Today is a day to celebrate Olivia's first birthday.

Her brothers have been very busy today prepping for our family celebration this evening - decorations made, cards made, cake created, etc. It is safe to say that Olivia is surrounded by love! So, here's my letter to her...

My dearest Olivia,

You are also known as Liv, Livvy, little princess, and sweet pea. Your smile brightens every room you are in and you are willing to share it with anyone. You love your brothers and will just crawl up on them and smother them with kisses. They love you too, and are always looking out for you. River is your little interpreter, he is always anticipating what you want.

You have had a busy year. You went to the beach by the time you were 3 months old. Thanks to your Uncle Ben and Aunt Allison there was always someone around to cuddle you. You have taken a few trips to Ohio. You spent a day at Idlewild lounging by the pool and taking in the sites. You love visiting Grandma, Pap, and Pappy. You love romping with the boys and surprisingly can hold your own. You love playing with a little toy skateboard and giving your baby dolls kisses. You love nuzzling your brothers' pillow pets - guess we should get you one of your own. You giggle in triumph as you climb the cushion tower your brothers have built.

You've had a year of firsts...
- smile
- sleeping through the night
- rolling over
- crawling
- tooth
- words - "no!" "milk" "ook"
- steps

You like to pass the days playing with your toys, listening/dancing to music, chasing your brothers by walking on your knees, and most of all being carried and cuddled by mommy and daddy.

You have filled my days with joy. I love you, little princess. I will never tire of walking into your room each and every morning being greeted by your huge smile and squeal of delight.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!


Playing with her new phone
Olivia's helpful Tarzan brothers

A birthday kiss from Daddy

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

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