Monday, May 31, 2010

Middle Child


I wanted to blog on his actual birthday, but of course as I say, life got in the way. On May 27th River turned 2! As the middle child I often fear that he gets overlooked a bit, so today he gets a blog post all about him.

My feisty River, born two days early. There is a lesson in there about me trying to plan life instead of letting life just unfold. I am still working on learning that lesson, but the learning began with River.

River was originally supposed to be Dylan John. Named after two great musicians & my grandfather. But after a day at the park & some lady screaming "Dyl, hey Dyl" at the top of her lungs, I just couldn't use the name anymore.

As I am laying in the hospital bed getting prepped for my c-section, I look at Jason & say "River, I think we should name him River." Jason is completely shocked as I have sworn over and over again I would never use this name due to the association of River Phoenix who died of a drug over-dose outside of a club. But I like it & in that moment I felt it. We worried what the family would think, but figured they could call him R.J. if they hated it. So, River he was named & he is living up to the free-spiritedness of this name.

River-my free-spirited child,

I love the way you run at me arms wailing yelling "Mommy!" and give me a big hug. I love watching your determination to conquer whatever you set your little mind to - from scaling the entertainment center to attempting to carry all of your balls at once. I love your wavy blond hair & your blue eyes. I love the way you look over your baby sister & take care of her by making sure she has her comfort items (binky & blankie) whenever she cries. I love watching you wrestle your brother. I love the sound of your little giggle. I love watching you dance to music - Weezer being your favorite band. I love the mischievous look in your eyes - though I am sure it will cause me some worry in the future. I love that I am certain there is a stash of lost items from the house that you have collected along the way. Happy Birthday, River! Your Mama loves you more than words could ever express.

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  1. I find it amazing how different River and Gavin are. Not polar opposites, but definitely each their own person.